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Practical Considerations When Revising Your Yearly Appraisal System

Tue, Jun 14, 2022 10:00am–11:30am

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Virtual Training



Members of the agency’s leadership team interested in revising their agency’s current appraisal process.


Presented by:  Janet May, Sound Employment Solutions

Employee evaluations, when done correctly, continue to be a valuable tool for encouraging employee engagement and supporting our employees in achieving desired results. Yet many traditional appraisal systems are so mired in detail and process that they have lost their ability to support our agencies and our employees and instead are hated by supervisors and employees alike. Not surprisingly, many public employers are looking to follow the lead of their private sector counterparts in trying to revamp their systems in ways that simplify the process while providing more meaningful feedback that supports growth, development, productivity, and where needed, real change. While a laudable goal, in doing so many agencies are adopting new systems without fully exploring key considerations of what will work best in their specific circumstances and end up trading one problematic system for another. The system is then viewed with even more skepticism by employees and supervisors.

This interactive seminar will explore some of the emerging trends and options and then identify some of the key questions agencies should ask before adopting a new system. Participants will also identify key stakeholders and strategize on techniques for getting their input and buy-in. Finally, participants will discuss the important role training plays in the success of any new system, the need to sell the benefits of the new system, and the importance of post-implementation evaluation of the system’s effectiveness with a willingness to adjust the process where warranted.

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