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Leading a Workplace Free of Harassment and Discrimination

Tue, Oct 25, 2022 9:30am–12:30pm

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This program is relevant for both employees and supervisors but has a focus on organizational leaders.


Leading a Workplace Free of Harassment and Discrimination - Janelle Tarasewicz, Principal Consultant | Aperture EQ

This training prepares leaders to cultivate and maintain a workplace culture resistant to discrimination, harassment, and retaliation. In addition to discussing  the basic principles and laws guiding discrimination and harassment, this training will also discuss how our unconscious biases impact discriminatory behaviors. Participants will be equipped with the information and skills that promote intervention and empathy, including how to prevent unlawful harassment and identify behaviors that are not acceptable in the workplace.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explain the science behind our hidden bias, so we can better understand how our attitudes and stereotypes are developed and how this process impacts discriminatory behaviors.
  • Review societal and workplace culture and how it impacts what is perceived as acceptable behavior.
  • Develop an understanding of microaggressions as form of exclusion.
  • Increase understanding of discrimination and harassment, as well as discuss its prevention.
  • Review federal and state laws governing discrimination, harassment, and retaliation in the workplace.
  • Understanding our role as leaders to foster an inclusive and respectful workplace.

Participants must register in advance to participate.

Cancellation Notice:
Cancelation is required prior to training date.