Web-Based Risk Control Training

Through cooperative pooling and association partnerships, the following webinars are also offered to Enduris members. If applicable, your Enduris membership covers the registration fee for any of the webinars listed on this page. Please register through the following links to ensure accurate billing. Please contact us with any questions.  

Enduris Webinars

Part II - Approaching Supervisory Situations with Confidence - Janet May, Sound Employment Solutions

Wednesday, September 28, 2022
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Cost: No Charge

Webinar Overview:

This scenario-based virtual training builds upon the situations explored during the initial Approaching Supervisory Situations with Confidence class, as well as introducing additional supervisory topics. It is designed for managers, human resources generalists, supervisors, leads, and aspiring supervisors to help them become comfortable dealing with some of the less frequent but risky supervisory issues that may arise, as well some of the more frequently occurring but challenging supervisory issues. Participants will work through real-life scenarios and then hear about best practices from the instructor.

Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Providing hard to hear feedback
  • Discrimination and harassment, disability
  • Risks associated with firing at-will/probationary employees
  • Strategic hiring
  • Investigative strategies
  • Conflict resolution

Participants must register in advance in order to participate.  


Leading a Workplace Free of Harassment and Discrimination - Janelle Tarasewicz, Principal Consultant | Aperture EQ

Tuesday, October 25, 2022
9:30 AM - 12:30 PM
Cost: No Charge

Webinar Overview:

This training prepares leaders to cultivate and maintain a workplace culture resistant to discrimination, harassment, and retaliation. In addition to discussing  the basic principles and laws guiding discrimination and harassment, this training will also discuss how our unconscious biases impact discriminatory behaviors. Participants will be equipped with the information and skills that promote intervention and empathy, including how to prevent unlawful harassment and identify behaviors that are not acceptable in the workplace.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explain the science behind our hidden bias, so we can better understand how our attitudes and stereotypes are developed and how this process impacts discriminatory behaviors.
  • Review societal and workplace culture and how it impacts what is perceived as acceptable behavior.
  • Develop an understanding of microaggressions as form of exclusion.
  • Increase understanding of discrimination and harassment, as well as discuss its prevention.
  • Review federal and state laws governing discrimination, harassment, and retaliation in the workplace.
  • Understanding our role as leaders to foster an inclusive and respectful workplace.

Participants must register in advance in order to participate.  

APIP Webinars

Enduris places members’ property coverage with the Alliant Property Insurance Program (APIP), the largest single property placement in the world.

In an effort to help members address complex risk control issues, Alliant’s Risk Control Consulting is presenting a series of one-hour, web-based training programs.  Alliant will be offering a brand-new series of online training aimed at educating clients in areas of property protection and occupational safety and health. 

Additional details:
All training sessions are offered at no additional cost and will be held from 10am - 11am Pacific Standard Time.  To register, click on the title to be directed to the registration page.  All presentations are recorded for on-demand playback - email with a link to the recording is sent 2 hours post-webinar.

MRSC Webinars 


Meaningful Engagement Strategies for Local Government Procurement
Thursday, September 29, 2022
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Cost: No Charge 

Webinar Overview:
Many potential business contractors and consultants consider the idea of bidding on contracts for local government mysterious, complicated, and overwhelming. To better understand the marketplace, local government agencies need to establish an engagement strategy for communicating opportunities and seeking feedback. For this important topic, we’ve pulled together a panel of professionals to discuss and answer your questions about creating an engagement strategy for your agency.

 Educational Objectives:
This virtual roundtable discussion will be focused on procurement engagement. Panelists will discuss lessons learned, resources, and strategies to effectively engage your bidding community. Registrants are invited to submit questions in advance. 

Local government procurement professionals responsible for managing your bid process for goods or services, and public works projects. 


  • Tiffany Scroggs, Program Director, Washington PTAC, Thurston Economic Development Council. Tiffany Scroggs is the program director for the Washington Procurement Technical Assistance Center, a statewide program of the Thurston Economic Development Council. She is passionate about helping small businesses succeed in selling to federal, state, and local government agencies and prime contractors. Last year, her PTAC team helped 1400 firms win over $300 million in contracts and subcontracts. Tiffany is certified by the Association of PTACs and has a Master’s in Public Administration from The Evergreen State College.
  • Aleanna Kondelis, Senior Consultant, Public Procurement and Construction Delivery, Hill International, Inc. Aleanna started consulting as an owner advisor in 2021 after 15 years as a contracting and procurement officer for 2 large agencies here in the State of Washington.  Aleanna specializes in public works and alternative contracting methods.  Prior to her years in public service, Aleanna was a construction project manager and development specialist.  With over 20 years in construction and various roles and responsibilities, Aleanna continues to serve her community by volunteering on several boards and education organizations related to public works procurement.  Aleanna holds a master’s degree in public administration from Seattle University as well as several professional accreditations. 
  • Josh Klika, Procurement & Contracting Consultant, MRSC (facilitator). Josh joined MRSC in October 2021 as a Procurement and Contracting Consultant. Josh has a broad public procurement background with over 20 years in state and local governments. In addition to holding roles in procurement at multiple agencies at the State of Washington, most recently Josh worked as Contracts and Procurement Program Manager for the City of Olympia. He has also served as a recurring panelist, facilitator, and presenter on numerous topics relating to procurement and contracting for various professional organizations.