Membership Has Benefits

Membership with Enduris is about partnering with other special purpose districts to collectively share financial protection and risk management services.

A key component of Enduris' success is spreading the risk among a diverse membership. As of September 1, 2016, the membership base is made up of over 524 members that are located in every Washington State county. Enduris' membership consists of the following Washington State local governments:

  • Aging and Mental Health Districts
  • Clean Air Agencies
  • Cemetery Districts
  • Diking and Drainage Districts
  • Conservation Districts
  • Fire Protection Districts
  • Health Districts
  • Library Districts
  • Irrigation and Reclamation Districts
  • Miscellaneous (Council of Governments, Hospital Districts, Ferry Districts, Communication Centers, Transportation Benefits Districts, and a Fish Recovery Board)
  • Mosquito Control Districts
  • Parks and Recreation Districts
  • Public Development Agencies
  • Port Districts
  • Public Facilities Districts
  • Water and/or Sewer Districts
  • Weed Control Districts

To control the overall exposures of the Pool, we choose slow and stable growth, increasing membership an average of 10-15 new members per year. The member retention rate is consistently above 99% each year. 

A full membership list can be found here.