COVID-19 Resource Sheet


A key element of the Enduris mission statement is to provide responsive risk management services to the membership.  In recent weeks we have fielded many questions revolving around the COVID-19 pandemic. We have put together this resource page for your reference. COVID-19 is a fluid event, so we encourage you to continuously check resources as they will update. 

Enduris Operations and Services:

Enduris will continue operations under the stay in place order.  Employees are working remotely and are available during regular business hours.  Continue to contact Enduris at 1-800-462-8418 or use this link if we can assist with service or claims.


If your District has been damaged through loss of revenue or contamination of your property due to COVID-19, please notify us to analyze damages and search out any potential coverage.


Enduris has on-line training resources available.  Please follow this link to review our menu of on-line training through Local Gov U or copy and paste this address into your menu bar For Local Gov U users, we’ve created a separate topic bundle in your plan called COVID19: Response to Mitigate Risk. This topic provides coronavirus-related courses, policies, and videos to help agencies safely operate, effectively respond to calls for service, and navigate during this national emergency.

Lexipol is making available a COVID-19 microsite to public safety and local government entities at no cost.  The purpose of the microsite is to help local governments address the unprecedented challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and can be accessed by individuals and departments whether they are subscribed to Lexipol or not.  The URL is

Risk Management Resources: a list of COVID-19 related resources for your District. 

Administrative policy, operations, and personnel:

MRSC home page

MRSC FAQ page, related to office closures, telecommuting, personnel, emergency powers, etc.

Fisher-Phillips: Updated FAQ’s for Employers on the COVID-19 Coronavirus

Kutak Rock: legal firm EEOC guidance

WA Employment Security Department - For businesses affected by COVID-19

L&I -


Information and safety resources:


Department of Health -

WA State Response Site -

Governor Jay Inslee Press Releases -

Governor Jay Inslee Proclamations:

FEMA release: President Donald J. Trump Approves Major Disaster Declaration for Washington

Risk and insurance management society (RIMS): Coronavirus information center



Please note these sites are continuously updated.  This information is provided to Enduris members as a quick reference guide to potential resources that may be helpful.   It is not intended to constitute legal advice or to endorse any publisher of the listed resources.  Enduris members should consult with qualified legal counsel before adopting or implementing any policy decisions. 


As always, please contact us for service at 800-462-8418 or via email.  Thank you for all you do to serve the public.