Web-Based Risk Control Training

Through cooperative pooling and association partnerships, the following webinars are also offered to Enduris members. If applicable, your Enduris membership covers the registration fee for any of the webinars listed on this page. Please register through the following links to ensure accurate billing. Please contact us with any questions.  

Enduris Webinars

 There are no Enduris webinars scheduled at this time.  Please check back soon.

APIP Webinars

Enduris places members’ property coverage with the Alliant Property Insurance Program (APIP), the largest single property placement in the world.

In an effort to help members address complex risk control issues, Alliant’s Risk Control Consulting is presenting a series of one-hour, web-based safety training programs at no additional charge.  The risk control and property insurance presenters are considered experts in their field of work.

Additional details:

  • The webinars are targeted to the unique hazards associated with property loss.
  • This is an audio-plus-web format that enables participants to receive risk control/safety training without leaving their facility. All that is needed is a windows-based computer, audio (speakers) and high speed internet connection.
  • Since the programs are delivered live, participants are able to send their questions electronically to the presenter.
  • You can choose to participate in selected programs, or the entire series.
  • All programs are recorded for future playback.
  • Registration is allowed 3-4 weeks in advance of each webinar. 
  • All training programs will be held from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m Pacific Standard Time.
September 11, 2019 Taming the Flame - Properly Managing Your Human Element Programs
October 9, 2019
Environmental Management System:  Assessment, Prevention and Control
November 13, 2019
Having an Office Party?  What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
December 11, 2019 Industrial Hygiene:  Mold - Keys to Managing and Mitigating
January 15, 2020 Fight or Flight - Proactive Approach to Managing Facility Security
February 12,2020 Technology in Safety:  An Introduction to Available Technology and How It Can Benefit Your Organization
March 11, 2020 Chemical Management - Why Reducing Exposures Matter
May 13, 2020 Implementing a Hazard Identification and Assessment Program
June 10, 2020 Un-distracted Drivers - Reducing Your Fleet Loss Potential

MRSC Webinars 

Effective Communication and Conflict Resolution Skills for Local Governments

Wednesday,September 11, 2019
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Cost:  $35.00

Webinar Overview
Effective communication skills are key to preventing and resolving conflict.  At all levels of local government teamwork and cooperation are important values.  In public service, we strive to use and improve our communication skills and include all stakeholders in the decision-making process.  Conflict resolution involves solutions that improve the relationships between groups in dispute.

Educational Objectives
During this webinar we'll present tools participants can use for effective communication and conflict management in their work.  The webinar will:

  • Identify communication skills that promote conflict prevention and resolution
  • Demonstrate tools to help persons in disputes identify issues and interests, including shared ones
  • Review real life examples of conflicts and solutions
  • Share additional resources for the future

Who Should Attend?
All local government elected officials, employees, and attorneys who want to refresh and improve their communication skills related to dispute resolution, management, and prevention including those who frequently serve on or coordinate boards, commissions, councils, large groups, and teams.

Vinh Do, M.S., Founder, Brave Change Works:  Vinh is a mediator and organizational development facilitator who founded brave Change Works to bring the power of impartial and third-party facilitation (mediation) and the power of data gathering (organizational development) together to help people undergoing conflict and change.  He previously worked with the Seattle Office of Civil Rights and the King County Dispute Resolution Center.  Vinh frequently mediates with Seattle's four dispute resolution organizations.

Linda Gallagher, J.D., Legal Consultant, MRSC:  Linda is an attorney and certified mediator.  Prior to joining MRSC, Linda served as a Senior Deputy Prosecuting Attorney for King County and as an Assistant Attorney General. Linda is a volunteer mediator and facilitator with the King County ADR Program.