Enduris is committed to developing strong partnerships with its members. Part of the commitment is an emphasis on providing a strong capital base that members can rely upon to provide stable rates, claim resolution, and risk management.

Below is an interactive version of our 2019 Annual Report. Simply click the center of the image to view it full screen and click through the annual report. A downloadable PDF of the 2019 Annual Report is available at the top of the bulleted list below.

Each year, Enduris publishes the following reports to meet statutory requirements and to demonstrate to the membership stewardship of the public funds entrusted to us. Please click the associated links to be directed to the current reports. Contact the office if you would like a printed copy of a previous report.

  • 2019 Annual Report to Membership – provides information about the condition and direction of the Pool.
  • Previous Annual Reports to Membership
  • Accountability Audit Report – reports on accountability and compliance with state laws and regulations and the Pool’s own policies and procedures.
  • Financial Statement Audit Report – provides information on Enduris’ financial condition. The Financial Statements Audit Report includes the independent auditor’s report on financial statements, the report on internal control, as well as the financial statements, notes to financial statements and supplemental information.
  • Claims Audit - provides an independent review, based on industry standards, of Enduris' claims management procedures.

  • State Risk Manager's Report - determines whether Enduris is operating in a safe financial condition, according to the solvency regulations.